Lavada and Bobby

Many times I have guests who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast.  Naturally I want Buffalo River Farm to be a good experience so that guests will stay at other b and b's.  I've listened to guests and have come up with 5 questions to ask of an innkeeper before booking.  These questions address major objections (to staying in b and b's) that I've heard.  

  1. Do you live in the inn?     Many guests say that this is a major objection to staying at b and b's and enjoy more privacy.   Plus, be sure to ask if you will have a separate cottage or will you share space with other guests.  This way you will know whether or not it's for you. 
  2. Is coffee & tea available at all times?     Most people like the option to get a cup of tea, cocoa or coffee when they want.  Some guests get up very early and like to enjoy an early cup on the porch or terrace before breakfast.  If you are an early coffee drinker, you will like knowing that the beverages are there when you need them.  
  3. Like to support small business?     A lot of people like to support smaller businesses and feel good about their direct effect that it has on the owners.  Small b and b's appreciate your business.  You, the customer, can have a huge impact on smaller businesses.  If you like to support smaller businesses, b and b's may be for you.  
  4. How is breakfast handled?    You will want to ask what time breakfast will be served and what kind of breakfast is offered.  B and b's run the gamut of self-service from the refrigerator to complete breakfast service.  If you are a cyclists who likes to get on the road earlier, you will want to make your wishes known when you book your room.  Not all b and b's are located in urban areas and knowing what you want will help the innkeeper meet your expectations.  For example:  If I know ahead of time,  Buffalo River Farm  offers early continental breakfast which is self-serve.  Otherwise, we serve a filling breakfast to everyone at the same time.  
  5. Is there television, and Wifi and hairdryers?    If having a television in your own room is a dream come true, you will want to ask if it is available.  Sometimes b and b's have a family room with one television.  be sure and ask if there is a charge for the wifi or if it is included in the room fee.  

This list will help you determine whether or not a bed and breakfast is for you.