The Natchez Trace @ Jack's Branch During a Recent Snow

Here at Buffalo River Farm, at Milepost 381 on the Natchez Trace Parkway, spring has finally come.   The dogwoods have budded and are about to explode with bloom.  

It's a great time to plan a bicycling, driving, or picnic trip on the Trace.  We've had several guests in the last few weeks as it started to get warmer.  On Monday night,  we hosted a couple from Ohio who had been South on the Trace and were headed home.  

Since the trees have budded, it's the perfect time to plan your trip.  This weekend we will host a couple who just bought their dream car.  They think the Trace is a great way to travel while the car is still in the "breaking in period".  With the 50 mph speed limit, he said he would not be tempted to hit the accelerator and test what the car will do! 

If you are interested in staying at Buffalo River Farm, please call 931.964.2533 for reservations.