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Yesterday, I bought organic seeds when I went to town to "slay my list".  

On my list:

  1. Keetos Antiques and Collectibles to visit my friend Lisa and pick up a Williams Sonoma cookbook that I found there;
  2. pick up the dogs flea/tick meds and collars at the vet;
  3. the dump (where I take all of the recyclables) and trash that cannot be composted;
  4. Lawrence County Co-op, where I had to return a 50 lb bag of pre-emergence;
  5. Lawrence County Library, where I had to return an overdue book;
  6. grocery store where I picked up groceries for the bed and breakfast guests for the weekend;
  7. gas station;
  8. then last, I picked up eggs at Willow Farms, my egg supplier.  

I used to laugh when someone that lived outside of my previous city said, "I'm going to Birmingham today".  That sounded strange to me.  I do that now.  I say, I'm going to town today, (usually Lawrenceburg).  And, it is usually an ordeal.  An enjoyable ordeal, but nevertheless, an ordeal.  Most of the time, there is at least 5,6,or 7 stops on the trip and it takes around half a day.  The planning for the town trip must be done for days before and a detailed list has to be made.  It's 20 miles one way.  Since I make an effort to conserve fuel and time, and there is so much to do at the farm, it's not a trip you want to repeat twice in one day.

It will be fun to share a few of the things that made me smile.  When I think about living in the city my entire life,  and living here on the farm now, I laugh at myself--I'm sure others do to.  

At the dump, I always get respect-- I drive a beautiful candy apple red F-350 Dually farm truck, and unload dressed in my leggings, cowboy boots, sometimes a french beret, and a really cute respectably short dress; yep, they wave me on through.  Haven't been ask if they could help yet-- but they are super nice. What makes me smile is to think about what appeals to people in different areas and since this is a farming community, I guess the F-350 works......cute clothes and funky glasses don't hurt either.

When I drove up to the loading dock at the Co--op, here is what was in the parking lot:  to the left, an Amish fellow who was picking up a brand new red piece of farm equipment that could be used behind his team of horses in the field.  He was driving a two-horse team that was pulling a wooden wagon;  an Amish women had backed her buggy up to the dock and as I started to back in, using only the back up camera, she decided to leave---so there was a standoff--me afraid to spook her horse--she afraid I was going to run her over.  If front of me, parallel with the road was a man with a very long horse trailer do he directed her and let her know that I was waiting on her :)  I went in and got a refund on the bag that I was returning and the clerk followed me out to get the 50 lb bag out of the truck--he did this voluntarily, which I very much appreciated.

At the Lawrence County Library I had to return an overdue book.  Since I hadn't made it to the store to get cash yet, I took a small container of change that I keep in the truck with me.   When I apologized about the book being a few days late, she smiled and told me that it was National Library week---no fines today!  Who knew?

The grocery store was mostly uneventful except I had gotten a Sun Drop when I walked in and forgot to give the bottle to the clerk so I didn't pay for it...and oh, I had lost my paper list in the store so I had to recreate what I needed for various recipes.  When I realized this, I had walked to the end of the parking lot (because that is where the truck will fit) with the groceries.  I then debated with myself should I tell them today or next time that I didn't pay for my drink, before deciding to walk back to the store and settle up, which I did.   

Willow Farms, the egg farm was the best part of the trip.  My favorite young Amish man was there, he always talks to me.  He is my favorite because he speaks English to me and doesn't speak German to the others while I'm there (When they do that they are probably talking about my short dress and leggings anyway).  I don't know if they approve or disapprove of my dress, but if they are normal men, which I'm sure they are, I'm guessing they approve.