Jack's Branch just south of Napier Exit on the Trace

Jack's Branch just south of Napier Exit on the Trace

Planning a trip up (north from Natchez, Mississippi) or down (south from Nashville, Tennessee) the Natchez Trace is a great opportunity to experience beautiful scenery, history and hiking and other outdoor sports all at 50 mph.  

Many people visit the Trace to cycle parts of it, or all of it, from all over the United States and the world.  If you plan on a cycling trip on the Trace it's good to know that it passes through a lot of very rural areas and cell phone & internet service is a luxury, when it happens.  Whether you are traveling by bicycle or car, don't depend on your GPS or cell phone to find a place where you have never been :).   

Although I don't mind at all and do it as a service for my guests,  many times I've had to go and find people who have taken a wrong turn and are lost.  The good news:  most people are nice enough to give you directions to get where you want to go.  Bad news:  when you get lost and go the opposite direction on a bicycle (and sometimes in a car), that's just more territory you have to cover going back. Moral of the story:  as old fashioned as it sounds, a paper map and printed directions to where you are going is not a bad idea.  If you love adventure....skip the directions and go for it!

Note to Millennials or Urbans:  Contrary to everything you believe or have heard, often GPS and cell phone technology does not work way out here.  More importantly, the internet is elusive in some areas of the US (I know...I know...it's hard to believe...more on that in another post).  More often than not, GPS sends almost everyone coming to Buffalo River Farm "on a wild goose chase".  When someone is nice enough to offer directions, it good to take their advice, then if you have good GPS directions..all the merrier.  

Case in point:  One night I had a couple coming from outside of Nashville to spend the weekend.  I insisted on giving directions and they insisted on using GPS.  I acquiesced.  The expected arrival time was 7:00 pm.  At 10:00 pm, I got worried.  About 10:30, they arrived very shaken---GPS had sent them down some muddy road, they got stuck, it was dark.   

News:  It's dark out here.

            We like it like that (night sky is beautiful). 

            GPS (and sometimes an internet connection) is...as my son would say, ..."shaky"

You figure out the moral to the story.