Dicken's Christmas in Franklin Tennessee

What a treasure! We were in downtown Franklin just after the Dicken's Christmas and decided to go to Leiper's Fork (which has a Franklin zip code). Just a short drive from downtown Franklin, is the charming little town of Leiper's Fork....I was immediately smitten.  My fondness for American small towns grows each day. 

It was Monday. We drove around first and went to a couple of places, but all were closed.  Most businesses in small towns do not open until Wednesday--at least in this area.  Most restaurants here open for lunch only. 

West and Company was a most exciting find. Beautifully rustic designed store just across the street from the original Puckett's.  The store is chocked full of great finds: boots (of course), cowboy hats, hats with a little bit of steampunk, awesome leather journals, awesome jewelry to suit different tastes, and guess what?....many items in the store are MADE IN THE USA to boot...no pun intended. For the most part, if something is made in the US for a fairly reasonable price, I buy the US made.  Nothing against things made elsewhere, but my Momma always said, "Charity begins at home". 

I purchased a Christmas gift that I thought would be fitting for Santa to bring.  It's a beautiful leather aussie style work hat, made in the United States.  The leather was treated with oil to shed water and I could not have been more excited.  

When, not if, you come to travel the wonderful Natchez Trace, I hope you will visit Leiper's Fork. By the way, just on the edge of town was an old Sheriff's car...if you look closely the front tag reads "Fife" (no pic, it was pouring rain--maybe next time). Although Mayberry was much larger than Leiper's, I was definitely charmed and you will be too. Be sure to visit the Leiper's Fork link and you will hear good country music. 

Here is a link to very detailed maps (Map #4) of the Natchez Trace with points of interest (scroll down).  Leipers Fork is on the portion of the Trace map entitled from Alabama/Tennessee line to Nashville.