Andra Watkins Book, a guest of the farm, authored this book on Lewis. 

Andra Watkins Book, a guest of the farm, authored this book on Lewis. 

I had written a very good blog post for Tuesday, which is my committed blogging day, but, of course, with the weather system that was approaching at that internet. In fact, I wrote and uploaded the post 4 times when I did have a connection to no avail. A lesson in patience, what's important and a reminder of what it's like to live in the country. Even with the lure of a great internet connection I could never swap this. Enough said. 

The Lincoln appeared on the crest of the road out of nowhere and drove toward the farmhouse so fast I thought, "this guy thinks it's a drive-thru inn". The young woman in the back seat struggled to get out of the car and to her feet as the driver got out of the car and introduced himself. He had a great smile and friendly eyes. He was Roy Watkins, Andra Watkins'  father and I instantly knew I would like him. 

Andra, her mother Linda, and her dad Roy stayed with me for 4 nights while Andra walked the Natchez Trace to promote her book, "To Live Forever, an Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis", and to become the only living person to walk the historic Natchez Trace, a 444 mile trek. 

Roy held me hostage and kept me mesmerized with his stories of growing up on a farm in east Tennessee, selling Bibles to get through college, and his escapades on the Trace while peddling Andra's book as her wingman. I struggled to concentrate on preparing an awesome, healthy breakfast and to  accommodate Andra's wish to arrive at the Trace each morning at an appointed time. Challenges are good, right?

Often, I say a prayer of thanks because I knew that I'd had a glimpse of 4 days with my own 
Dad again. Thanks Andra, Roy and Linda. We made a memory and I shall never forget. 

Visit Andra's blog will love her writing style.