Amish Buggy leaving Buffalo River Farm

Amish Buggy leaving Buffalo River Farm


Lawrence County has the largest Old Order Amish population in the Southeast.  Amish in Lawrence County do not use electricity or drive cars and live very much as people did in the late 1800's.  They are fine craftsmen and offer many handmade items for sale at their farms.  

On Hwy 43 in Ethridge, there is an Amish Welcome Center (4001 Hwy 43 North, Ethridge, Tennessee). Here you can pick up a map of their farms and what they make, then use your own car to travel to the different farms; or, you may take a wagon tour which last 1 and one half to 2 hours.  You will find many very talented craftsmen in this community and their prices are very reasonable.  

It is against their religion to be photographed. Please respect their beliefs.


On The Lawrenceburg Square

The Spotted Cow & New Moon Antiques are our favorites! 

James D. Vaughn Museum

31 Public Square, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; Lawrenceburg Tennessee is the birthplace of Southern Gospel Music.  This museum honors the "Father of Southern Gospel Music"


Keeto's Antiques;  3931 Highway 43 North, Ethridge, Tennessee

Leiper's Fork

Downtown Franklin/Cool Springs

The Franklin Tour is a free iTunes download


Jackson Falls on the Natchez Trace, Milepost 404.7 

Fall Hollow Falls just off the Trace, Milepost 391.9

Still House Falls, on Highway 43 Just North of the intersection of Hwy 20/Hwy 43 North, Summertown


Amber Falls Winery   794 Ridgetop Road, Hampshire, Tennessee;  931.285.0088; Open Daily;  Many Events are Scheduled Throughout the Year

Keg Springs Winery  361 Keg Springs Road; Hampshire Tennessee;  931.285.0589; Open Wed-Sun

Natchez Hills Winery  109 Overhead Bridge Road, Hampshire, Tennessee; 931.285.2500; Many Events are Scheduled Throughout the Year

Andra Watkins, one of our guests and author of "To Live Forever An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis" walked the entire 444 miles of the Natchez Trace to promote the release of her new book.  An incredible journey and a must read!

Fried Pies Made at Buffalo River Farm

Fried Pies Made at Buffalo River Farm

Recommended Restaurants

Shaffer Farms Texas Bar-B-Q

Highway 43, Summertown, Tennessee @Vaughn Staffs Road;  931.964.8732;  Hours:  Mon-Sat 10--6; Closed on Sunday; approx 9 miles from Buffalo River Farm

Mt. Pleasant Grille

100 South Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee  38474;  931.379.7228;  Hours: Mon-Wed & Sun 11-2;  Thursday-Sat 11-9;  Approx 14 miles from Buffalo River Farm

Puckett's Restaurant and Grocery

Public Square, Columbia, Tennessee;  Hours: Sun & Mon 7-4; Tue, Wed & Thurs; Thurs 7-9; Fri & Sat 7-10;  Approx 23 miles from Buffalo River Farm

Muletown Coffee

located on the Public Square in Columbia. Local coffee, local people, local flavor. Yum.

Yoder's Market  

3555 Summertown Highway, Summertown, Tennessee  38483;  931.796.1646;  Hours: This market has homemade Amish and Mennonite baked goods, meats, cheeses, sandwiches, fruits and organic grains

Dawn's Deli

131 Highway 20 E, Summertown, TN; right in the middle of the businesses in Summertown, next to the auto parts store. Dawn's really is so much more than a deli, they serve hot food too. 

The Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace Parkway, part of the national park system, stretches 444 miles from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez Mississippi.  Although it is now a formal two lane highway which winds through beautiful forests, the 15,000 year old original "Trace" provided a trail for people and animals as they hunted, pioneered, traded and settled into a new territory.  Parts of the "old Trace" can be driven or walked.  Some nearby points of interest on the Trace include:  

Meriwether Lewis Monument & Grave and  300-acre park; milepost 385.9

Grinder's Stand where the famous explorer Merriweather Lewis died, milepost 385.9

Old Trace Drive a 2.5 mile road that follows the route of the Old Trace; Milepost 375.8

Jack's Branch, a wonderful picnic area; milepost 377.8

Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall

built in remembrance of a great grandmother who was removed as a Cherokee Indian; milepost 3

The Farm

Founded in 1971, the Farm is an intentional community organized based on the principles of nonviolence and respect for the earth.  Welcome Center is open Mon-Fri  12:00 pm-5 pm; There is also a Farm Store where you can shop for hand made items. The Farm offers workshops and training on many subjects. US 1+931.964.2533

Horseback Riding

Buffalo River Trail Ride, Rt 228 Highway 13,  Waynesboro, TN  38485;  931.722.9160; Must bring own horse(s). 

Natchez Trace Stables, 6691 Lick Creek Road, Primm Springs, TN 38476; 931.682.3706; Horses are furnished.